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"Der Mann ist weiterhin Bürgermeister."

Translation:The man is still mayor.

May 4, 2013



this is frustrating and inconsistent. For the case ´sb is some occupation´ in german does not need ein/eine, but duolingo require me to add a/an in english translation in other question. But in this question, it is wrong to answer "the man is still a mayor"


Report it in both cases.


'The man is still mayor' is wrong grammatically. Reported.


“The man is still mayor.” means that he still holds the mayoralty in the same town; it is perfectly grammatical. “The man is still a mayor.” means that he still holds a mayoralty, but possibly in a different town.


I agree with that. Same is true for 'king' or 'president'.


Das klingt einleuchtend, aber wie kommt man statt dem noch auf weiterhin? Denn es ist ein Unterschied, ob er es noch oder weiterhin ist.


It can be in the same town/city my city has two mayors. Our Lord Mayor, who is often just called 'the Mayor' and the elected Mayor, a different person in a different position, who is part of the local government.


If you need to say that someone is still a mayor in that particular place, you use the definite article. 'The man is still the mayor.' This is a countable noun, there's no reason to use the zero article with it.


“He's still the mayor.” and “He's still mayor.” are equally common. Perhaps there's a regional difference.


The difference is the latter is accepted by duolingo whereas the former is not. It is frustrating to lose a heart over not translating exactly word for word.


Now Duo is accepting "He is still the mayor".


You do not need a definite or indefinite article when referring to certain roles in English! I've just now realised. It WOULD sound odd to say "The man is still teacher." But any powerful position sounds fine. "He is still king! He is still colonel. She is still president." Weird.


It is cases where the position is "inherently definite", that is, where in typical uses, within the context of the conversation, there can be only one entity so described so the name of the occupation can stand in as the name of the person.

One of the ways languages that mark definiteness differ is in what they do with inherently definite phrases and what the lack of any marking signifies. In English the unmarked noun is typically understood to be definite, so "I am janitor" sounds weird in English unless you are saying that there is only one janitor and you are he, whereas in German it is typically understood to be indefinite, so this is the usual way to say you are a janitor, this is your occupation.


It really doesn't matter if there's "no reason to use the zero article". Native speakers say this all the time, and it sounds and is perfectly grammatical. In fact, I personally think there is a difference between the two: "He is still the mayor" would suggest the mayorship as the topic, and "he is still mayor" suggests more to me that he is the topic.


The dictionary for weiterhin includes the meaning "in addition". Duo might perhaps accept it too

[deactivated user]


    They now accept "In addition", but not "Additionally"


    So what is the difference between noch and weiterhin? Also, I got a definition of "on top of that" for weiterhin. Ist das richtig?


    on top of that<sub>/</sub> weiterhin this does not fit very well, but in certain situations maybe it could be fine.

    I will advise you to look up the word "noch" in the Duden. (www.duden.de) "Noch" is used in many ways and this word has many functions. --> Adverb, particle, konjugtion

    "weiterhin" is only an adverb.~ in addition or in future, both meanings are possible.


    Shouldn't "The Man is still the Mayor" work also? They corrected it to "The Man is still Mayor".


    Can weiterhin in this case mean "in addition", "furthermore", "beyond that" etc.?


    It did not accept 'also' rather than 'still'.


    I used "in addition" and was marked wrong.


    i used furthermore and was marked correct

    [deactivated user]

      'Keeps being mayor' was not accepted...


      "The man is continuing as mayor" is counted wrong. ??

      [deactivated user]

        The man continues to be Mayor


        That's using a different verb, so maybe too far from a good translation.


        I agree that "The man continues as mayor." should be acceptable. Interesting how some sentences have a very limited range of possible meanings, and others, like "Der Mann ist weiterhin Bürgermeister.", have a surfeit of options for translation.


        I agree. The deep structure meaning is still conveyed. These adverbs can be rendered in so many ways that Duo cannot cope.


        I'm pretty sure you can say "the man is Mayor still".

        reported 11th April, 2020


        Der Mann ist schon der Buergermeister .. does it work ?


        I believe that's "the man is already the mayor"


        I put "the man is continuing to be mayor" too and was marked wrong - why is this marked incorrect?


        What is the difference between weiter and weiterhin?


        Why not "continuing as" mayor?


        Diese Antwort ist falsch.

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