Esperanto Update

Hello everyone! I recently posted this thread on creating an Esperanto course. I emailed Esperanto-USA (the educational association for Esperanto in the US) about maybe creating a course or appointing someone to build a course. They replied and the man said that he would pitch the idea to the E-USA council at their Congress (held earlier this month). I sent them an email this morning asking for an update, and this was their response:

"E-USA is now trying to find one or two people who would be willing to administer the development of an Esperanto course, under the auspices of the national organization."

I was really excited for this response, and it seems like an Esperanto course will be started in the Incubator in the near future. We owe many thanks to E-USA once the course is released.

Thanks for your support guys!

July 17, 2014


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...but you do know that they have to apply as everybody else has to do it and then it still could last some months until the course can start to be built?

Thanks for your engagement, much appreciated!

July 17, 2014

Yes, I know that. I haven't told them that, but I was thinking that if E-USA was providing the course contributors, then it could be accelerated in a sense. The Duolingo team might be pressed to release the course to be built if an organization is 'sponsoring' it.

As far as I would like to see an established Esperanto course on DuoLingo and as much as I like your commitment, I dislike the fact that you didn't tell them how things work on DuoLingo. I don't want to blame you, no offense ;-) But in my opinion (even I've been waiting for 9 or 10 months for Esperanto now) nothing should be pressed. I do hope that Esperanto will be among the next courses, but if we have to wait 6 more months, we should accept that and not try to press something. Please do not take this as an offense, I greatly appreciate your effort!

No, it's fine. I would email them again, but the man said that he was on vacation, so I'm not sure when he'll reply. I don't exactly know if he did any research before he pitched the idea to the council, but I do agree with you that I should have gone more in depth on the process of building a new course.

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