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"Marc a un accent irlandais quand il parle anglais."

Translation:Marc has an Irish accent when he speaks English.

April 4, 2020



Does it matter how you spell Marc? I got the entire question wrong although everything else was right...


But where does it state that it's a French guy with a French name? Mark should be accepted


If his name was François, you would've translate it to Francis, would you? Also, the form Marc is also used in English.


In the Irish language (Gaeilge) Mark is spelt Marc


If Marc is his name, you should use it. I'm Peter and I wouldn't expect to be called Pierre....


Lenin avait aussi un accent irlandais quand il parlait anglais, parce qu'il avait un professeur d'anglais irlandais.


Does it want me to imitate even the gender of the voice speaking? I could shout every word out loud and the whole house can hear me but still it will mark all words red. C'mon! I should have gotten atleast one word right.


I wrote the above translation but I did it to please duolingo. I am a native English speaker and would say "marc speaks English with an Irish accent"


I'm a native English speaker too, and that means something slightly different. Its best to translate as closely as possible to the original.


I cannot or hardly ever can understand the accent of the male Frenvh speaker. He goes trop vite. Au secours!.


Earlier question used 'accent de Texas' both good? Any distinction re use? Thanks


Good lord ... Marc but not Mark. Does this really advance my French??


You're assuming that the system is smart. Rather, it matches provided answers against expected patterns of answers. As far as it's concerned, "Mark" is indeed a typo, which is both true (because people like their names to be spelt as they spell them) and over-literal (because it's just doing pattern matching.


Duo should not penalize for misspelled proper names of individuals, period.


It doesn't know it's a proper noun. It's matching against a set of patterns that human beings have anticipated. There's no actual intelligence checking your answers. This is why you're given the opportunity to submit a correction. Just keep in mind that there's another human being on the other end checking it who's likely volunteering, especially with minority languages, and there's a long backlog of suggestions for each language. And no, provisional acceptance wouldn't be good, as it could end up teaching people the wrong thing.

Also, don't misspell people's names: it's rude.


I cant believe you all are arguing about the mark/marc spelling. Unless you can select spelling based on audio, all spellings should be accepted. Bum argument. Move on people!

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