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Free Language Course from Modern States with CLEP free

[deactivated user]

    Anyone can take the course for free no need to take the CLEP if not interested.

    Modern States

    OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS TO EARN FREE COLLEGE CREDIT A new, high-quality path to free college credit was launched in 2017. The goal of the program, dubbed “Freshman Year for Free,” is to make college more accessible and affordable for high school students, college students and adult learners, including active duty military personnel, their families, and veterans.

    April 4, 2020



    Just signed up! Let's see how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

    [deactivated user]

      My pleasure. Best of luck to you. Lots of people here who can help if you have questions while taking the class. I"m fluent in Spanish if you decide to take that as well.

      I never took the CLEP but did take 5 AP exams, great time and money savings.

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