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Scottish gaelic from English

Despite being in the promotion zone I have still not been " promoted".

I have completed all level 6 but there is no sign of Level 7.

I don't understand, is this as far as Duolingo scottish gaelic goes or do I have to do something else.

I would be grateful for any help you can give.


April 4, 2020



Hello James, here's a link to your other thread as some tried to answer this already: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37442754

FWIW You have finished all there is of the current Gaelic course.. this is the latest info on it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37468277

In the mean time you might be interested in other options outside of Duolingo like https://learngaelic.scot/ or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVX7RajLZmm8i7LEuli05tw/videos as the volunteers that have created the course are doing their best to get the remaining parts up and running, however are also busy with other things. Plus it takes a lot of work to get the recordings done as they are with real people unlike most other courses here.

Hope this helps.


By promotion zone I think you're talking about the "League". This is a "gamification" feature of Duolingo, so only relevant if you're feeling very competitive. Every week when you complete your first lesson you're grouped with a random selection of other Duolinguists from around the world, and you get "XP" (eXperience Points) for every quiz/lesson you complete, in competition with those you've been grouped with. At the end of the week (midnight on Sunday), the people who've got the highest number of points are advanced to the next league; those with the lowest can drop back, and most stay where they are. There are ten leagues, and it's basically about using any competitive streak you might have to drive you to study harder. More details here:


It's a controversial feature: some rather weird people will deliberately start "learning" a language they already know in order to get lots of points really quickly and get to the top. Accusations of cheating/stupidity/vanity ensue and it all gets very messy. Best thing is just to work at your own pace and leave the weirdos to their fun, unless you like that sort of thing.

The link above shows you how to disable the feature altogether if it does nothing for you.

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