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I just want to say to Dutch DuoLingo Incubation Team, "Thank You! :)"

Big smiles to the developers who incubated Dutch Duo Lingo. I know that I am among thousands that really appreciate all of your hard work. I have wanted to learn Dutch for over three decades, and, short of moving to Amsterdam, it seemed impossible.....

Kindest Regards,

Your Fan

July 18, 2014


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YES! i agree! THANK YOU team Dutch!! i appreciate your time and effort! in sincere gratitude!

July 18, 2014


I agree. Thanks very much!

July 19, 2014


Ja, dank u wel!

July 20, 2014


I really do, full-heartedly, agree. Emotions run high when I encounter such a genuine enthusiasm for learning and sharing languages. Duolingo is a special project and a wonderful community. Thanks a million, Dutch crew!

July 20, 2014


agree, good course (in the way of additional stuff available during a lesson) and good language. I am pretty new to Dutch, so far I see it is half way between English and German :) So instead of learning those two, people should study Dutch first and then in the last or two classes be instructed: this -en vanished in English and was preserved in German, this -t- changed to -ss- in German and was preserved in English, this -p- stayed in English and in German it's produced as -f- or -pf- , oe -> u in German , -> oo in English etc :)

One thing I would change though, is the type of lesson when you guess the word from pictures. they're without articles, so you see learn 'boek' 'krant' but how can you guess later that boek is het and krant is de?

July 20, 2014


As a dutchman it's nice to hear, people are learning/interested in the Dutch language! If you need help with the grammar or the vocab, just give me a ring!

July 20, 2014


Thank you indeed. I really appreciate the course!

July 21, 2014


I agree with everyone and am glad to see the Dutch course. I just started but am liking it so far!

July 21, 2014


my favorite part is that I have four hearts...

July 20, 2014


I think the Dutch course is very good. You can often find some funny sentences.

July 22, 2014
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