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  5. "I chose the red boots."

"I chose the red boots."

Translation:J'ai choisi les bottes rouges.

April 5, 2020



I was under the impression that "les" would mean "all" and so I used "des". Still unclear on the usage. In other words, "les bottes rouges" would mean all the red boots in the world, but "des bottes rouges" would narrow the number of boots under consideration.


Same question. Should be "Des" rather than "Les"


Des would mean some. Les means the when we would use the, and means all of the ... in the world when we wouldn't use anything. The English sentence infers that a specific pair of boots are already known within the conversation and so les is appropriate, but if the red boots were just being introduced to the conversation the English would be "I chose some red boots" and the French would use des. I hope that makes sense!


j'ai choisi les bottes marron/orange.


You are correct about the agreement here. But of course it's not a good translation.

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