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"Je crois que cette entreprise recycle les déchets."

Translation:I believe this company recycles waste.

April 5, 2020



I had this in another form (plain translation of English to French) and used "des" not "les", and it was ok, so I did it again. Now it's "les"? Yes, this was the aural one (I honestly can't hear the difference between les and des at full speed, so I guess a lot, or have to hit the go slow button, which reduces what I can do in my study time), but does that mean that I was incorrect before but got away with it? Or are there two versions and they're being picky based on the format?


Does this imply their own waste or other peoples waste as in the actual recycling plant?


That would be Je crois que cette entreprise recycle ses déchets."


would "leur" count too?


when I got this wrong before, it was because I did not place "les" in front of "déchets". I simply wrote "déchets" without any modifying article in front. I was then offered a "hint" that when quantity is unclear, it should be "des". So, it was with some surprise when I put "des" in front of "déchets" the second time around, it came out wrong. Why "les" when the Duo hint itself informs me that it should be "des"?


Does déchets refer to household waste specifically?


I too would like an explanation of why it's les instead of des.


After thinking about this, I soar it's because they recyle all of the garbage, not some of the garbage? But in reality, it's usually "some" of the garbage that gets recycled. So I'm still not sure.


why les - are they recycling all the waste in the world?


"Waste in general" does not mean "all the waste in the world". This is a misconception (and unfortunately at least some of the moderators seem to subscribe to it).

In this type of context, it means that they recycle any and all waste that they are given to recycle, not just some of it.


and your point is?


So that's why "les".


'I think this company recycles its waste' was not accepted, though I think it makes the intended meaning clearer


"Je crois que cette entreprise recycle ses déchets."


Can "je crois" be used as "I think" here? My answer was not accepted, but think/believe... pretty similar concepts.


Same. Duo uses them indiscriminately in every other exercise. And if you hover over "crois," it gives you both "think" and "believe" as options.


I understood this to be a company that recycles its own waste, but the sentence seems to be ambiguous: it could be referring to a company whose purpose was recycling.


I believe it means the latter. I think the former would be "Je crois que cette entreprise recycle ses déchets.".

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