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"I will continue to exercise every day."

Translation:Je continuerai de faire du sport tous les jours.

April 5, 2020



"Je continuerai à faire du sport tous les jours" was also accepted. Which is correct, "continuerai de" or "continuerai à"? Or, are they equally correct?


@W-Ruggles-Wolfe Thank you for the reference. So, for this sentence, since exercising is something I do habitually every day, it is "continuerai de". But if I said, "I started exercising at 7:00 and will continue exercising until 8:30", it would be "continuerai à".


Why is "chaque jour" rejected here?


https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/chaque-jour-tous-les-jours.1888/ They have the same meaning, but I think "tous les jours" is more strictly "every day."


Je continuerai de m'entrainer tous les jours. - exercise is not only sport, isn't it?

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