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"Our friendship has lasted for a very long time."

Translation:Notre amitié dure depuis très longtemps.

April 5, 2020



Why "dure" (present) and not "a duré" (past) for "has lasted"?


Here the french sentence means the friendship stills lasts, which may not be the case in the english sentence (You tell me, I'm not an english native speaker).
You could say indeed
Notre amitié a duré très longtemps (skip depuis) and it would mean the friendship is over.


Ah, the equivalent to the latter in English would be "our friendship lasted a very long time".


Yes, I have the same a duré and it marked wrong. Would someone please advice : why has lasted = dure depuis ? Thanks in advance


When you use depuis like this, you have to use French present tense. This is because the action continues from the past, but carries on into the present time. The French past tenses are only allowed for completed actions, which took place totally in the past.

English is one of few languages that has a present perfect tense, which is used in this translation (has lasted). Most languages use the present tense, along with a duration word like depuis.


Thanks you so much!

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