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  5. "Cho sona ri bròig."

"Cho sona ri bròig."

Translation:As happy as a shoe.

April 5, 2020



Does this mean being happy or unhappy? (not sure if shoes are supposed to be happy but imagine perhaps not since they are always being stepped on)


I'm wondering what the change in spelling of 'broig' represents? Is it a different part of speech? Obviously, it's not lenition. Where can I find an explanation?


"bròg" is here slenderised, that is the addition of letter i as a final vowel. The Tips tell you about slenderising this noun for the dative; but don't explain why at this stage, adding that they don't want to rush it! It's useful to look at The tips - they come automatically on the laptop, but if you are using a mobile you can get them separately online at https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


I've always heard it as 'cho toilichte ri broig'

Does 'sona' have different connotations or a different feel?


So exactly how happy is a shoe? One would assume that they are a bit dow$ trodden.

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