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  5. "Bedankt en tot ziens."

"Bedankt en tot ziens."

Translation:Thank you and goodbye.

July 18, 2014



There are a lot of ways to say goodbye in dutch, apparently. Is there any difference between them, circumstantial or just preference?


'Tot ziens' is used when you will/hope to see each other again, kind of like 'see you'. 'Dag' is more used as the English 'goodbye' you greet someone in a general way, not necessarily with the intention to see him/her again (imagine leaving a shop you don't visit very often and saying goodbye to the employee behind the counter). Of course you can use it with your friends/family too, there is just a slight difference between 'tot ziens' and 'dag'.


I love it when people explain the true meaning learning dutch would be so hard without this kind of input :-)


Thanks for your information


I answered see you soon for tot ziens as I assumed tot meant something similar your the French tôt. Turns out I assumed correct.


I instead thought in the german adjective tot (Tod = death) well now with your comment I certainly changed my mind to the right one haha thanks!


There isn't really any difference between "dag" and "doei," except "dag" can also be used as a greeting. Those two are a little more informal. To be more formal, I believe you would use "tot ziens."


Its simply circumstantial,i am a dutch...dag is informal while tot ziens is formal However,nowadays,it is prefrence


Wonder if all the goodbye types stem from the country being geared toward seafaring and commerce.


I wrote "good bye" instead of "goodbye" and it wasn't accepted. SURELY that should be fine?


The same thing happened to me. Is there any problem.....I mean I always see them written both ways.


The actual correct spelling is good-bye, but most people (and the language itself) omit the hyphen between the two words, shortening it to goodbye. So goodbye is sort of correct (but accepted spelling), good-bye is the most correct, and good, bye, would be used to finish an affirmation. For example: Everything is in order? Good! Bye! Hope that helps, English can be silly at times!


Thank you a lot, and yes, it does help. :) I'm assuming they both mean the same thing.


Goodbye and Good-bye are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Good bye is not the correct spelling of the word (it should be hyphenated) but I doubt anyone would ever really question it, or not understand it when used in context.


I wrote "Thank you and bye bye" and got corrected :/


how do you translate tot ziens in its basic sense into english or german?


Tot ziens.
Tot = till and ZIENS = WILL SEEl (future (old dutch)) so all together it translates as: TILL WILL SEE but because that is not a correct English sentence, it would be: TIIL (I/WE) WILL SEE (YOU) (AGAIN), but because that sentence (till we will see you again) , is too long in english, it is shortened to: see you. :)


Is 'dag' like goodbye, 'tot zeins' like see-ya, and 'doei' like toodles. ?


Tot ziens is more of a "see you later". Its still goodbye kinda


I loved it when it used 'tot ziens'. My grandpa always said this to us when he went home. It brought back memories :)


In english it will be till soon


Except that answer is not accepted.... Why?


till soon doesn't sound like correct English to me as a native speaker. I'd say till later, or see you soon, but not till soon.


In Spanish would be as "Hasta luego", in English i don't find something similar.


How do I say:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks. Thank you.

Thank you very much .

Much obliged.



'Heel erg bedankt' 'Dankje, dankjewel, bedankt' I guess this one is 'Heel erg bedankt' as well?


Everytime I make a correction the answer is changed.

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