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"Bidh sinn a' cluiche còmhla ri chèile a h-uile latha."

Translation:We will be playing together every day.

April 5, 2020



Why is "We play together every day" wrong? I thought bidh could be used to talk about the frequency of a recurring event.


Could "còmhla ri chèile" be translated "with each other"? If not, how would you say that?


Yeah that works too.


"Play" and "are playing" works in the English language as in several others eg French and German why not here. We are playing together every day as opposed to we play together every day . Or could I have written we will be playing together every day


I found the answer to my own question, "are playing" is present tense and the the example was in the future tense. Silly me.


what's the difference between còmhla and còmhla ri chèile? I thought còmhla on its own meant 'together' as well?


As on several previous occasions, this lady slurrs her words into each other so much you can't tell what she is saying. In this case I would have had no idea she was saying a h-uile latha at the end. I got the answer correct but only by a process of elimination from the remaining hint words. Not a good piece of education.


I think everyone hears differently. A huile latha was the clearest part to me.

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