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"Tu ne peux pas lire tes messages sous l'eau."

Translation:You can't read your texts underwater.

April 5, 2020



Huh? Like while swimming??? While in a submarine??? Now here's a sentence I'll want to be able to use a lot!


The translation has to be accurate. The statement doesn't have to be true.


True, but translating nonsensical sentences isn't a great way to develop language skills. They might be funny, but not really useful. I do quite a few dictation exercises and developing a context is critical to transcription and translation.


It's not nonsensical. It might even be true, given that "you" is a second person singular pronoun and could easily be referring to a person who cannot read texts underwater in a given circumstance.

There is a context. Teaching me "underwater" without a context would be a problem, but the context is clear.


It is a nonsense sentence.


no. all the words are real and they fit together grammatically; not nonsensical at all. it may be silly but most of the comments on these forum pages are silly. so what?


so you couldn't transcribe and translate tolkien's books?


Challenge accepted!


Perhaps under the rain :)


not sure why "messages" is not accepted here. The next sentence in this exercise allows for "messages" and "texts" as both being correct. Je lis mes messages sur mon nouveau portable. vs You can't read your texts underwater. Any ideas as to why the acceptability (or lack thereof) for this word choice ? In the sentence "Paul envoie beaucoup de messages a Anna" also in this exercise, BOTH worlds are accepted as correct.


"You can't read your messages underwater." Accepted for me 2020-10-25


OK many of the phrases in this lesson are just silly


who writes this nonsense???

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