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"Coffee is free if you are having the fixed-price menu of the day."

Translation:Le café est offert si tu prends le menu du jour.

April 5, 2020



"Fixed-price" seems superfluous to me


The correct solution given was "Le café est offert si tu prends le menu du jour." Is "fixed-price" implied when you say "menu du jour"?


Thank you, Jojo....I was doubtful of Duo's translation until I saw your comment. My two favorite translation Apps, DeepL and Reverso, gave « ...le menu du jour à prix fixe. » and « le menu à prix fixe de la journée. » , respectively, for the English sentence above.


What's wrong with "Le café est gratuit"?


what was the rest of your sentence? I used gratuit today, and it was accepted


Because you might be having something 'à la carte' instead of from the fixed price menu.


It's either prix-fixe or du jour. A prix-fixe menu may be the same every day. The menu du jour, also prix- fixe often changes every day. This is a trick sentence. Culturally how are native English speakers who are unfamiliar with French menu styles supposed to know that 'fixed price' is understood in 'menu du jour'. It's very irritiating when you're one question off a 'perfect'.


How could the "menu du jour" be anything other than fixed price? I don't understand why that's part of the English translation


Why is 'prix-fixe menu du jour' not accepted? It's redundant, but also in the original en English. We are supposed to translate littéral not correct the original statement'syntax right?


What is wrong with "....le menu du jour fixe"?


I don't know. When I'm in France, I sometimes see 'menu prix fixe'


*Du café est offert si vous prenez le menu du jour. Does the subject have to be the definite le café? If so, I don't know why it cannot be the indefinite noun phrase introduced by the partitive du. There was a similar expression in the course: Une bouteille est offerte si vous en achetez deux, where the subject is an indefinite noun phrase.


Le café est libre ? Pourquoi non ? "Le café est libre si tu prends le menu du jour"

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