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  5. "Hoi, hoe gaat het?"

"Hoi, hoe gaat het?"

Translation:Hi, how is it going?

July 18, 2014



:( It didn't accept "What's up, dog?" THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!


Obviously it was expecting 'dawg' :)


Why would "Hi, how goes it?" not be accepted?


I think "How goes it?" should be accepted. I take it that it's probably a bit colloquial, but I hear it occasionally where I live in the US. I doubt that it's any more or less slangy than "How's it going?".

I'd report it as a suggestion if you haven't already.


We use it all the time in california.


Maybe they have changed it now because i put that in and it said it was correct


Is this audio even correct? Doesn't it sound weird or anything? Can you distinguish between those inital h's (in almost all the recordings I've heard) and g in gaat here? I can clearly hear the difference in the recordings on Forvo but the TTS here doesn't seem to be doing a very good job with pronouncing those inital h's.


The audio sounds fine to me. I can distinguish between the initial h's and the initial g. The former are just like English h. The latter is like ch in English loch.


How are you is also correct i know because im Dutch myself :)


Does "hoe gaat het" mean "how are you?" And "how's it going?" Can I use it as both?


Yes, you should be able to use both.


It seems like the letter 'h' and 'g' at the start of a word sound very similar. G sounds a lot like H. Is there any suggestion of how to tell them apart ?


I am an Indonesian and apparently it turns out easier for my ears to learn German than Dutch >_< I can hardly catch the "gaat". Does Dutch pronounce words like French do?


I think I know what you mean. Dutch spelling is actually even more regular than German spelling, so not at all like French spelling. But Dutch phonetics has some strange features. One of them is that g is generally pronounced similar to a very strong h - easy to miss, and not at all like a German g. Also double a is much shorter than you might expect coming from German.

Nevertheless, I am sure that in the long run Dutch is much easier to learn than German. (Though I haven't really had a symmetric experience myself, being a native speaker of German.)


Im having trouble pronouncing this sentance. :(


Hoi, hoe gaat het?

Je dank niet, Ik ben een broterham!

Dat is goed niet!


So how is the letter h pronounced? I heard it pronounced in hoi but kinda silent in hoe and het.


'hoe' sounds like 'do', is that correct?

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