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Stuck in intro test, same questions over and over and can't start any lessons

We've just signed up for Duolingo and are trying to begin lessons. On the dashboard we are prompted to:

Choose your path! Beginners start at Introduction. Advanced learners take a short test.

Intro OR Placement test

However when we click on Beginners Start, we are given a test that just asks the same questions over and over and over. It never goes anywhere. I've cleaned cookies and tried in different browswes. Anyone know ho we can start the actual program? Thank you!!

April 5, 2020



Anyone know ho we can start the actual program?

I suspect, what you are seeing is the actual program. That's how Duo works. You are supposed to read the tips and then learn by repetition. But since you skipped the placement test, and went to the very basic level, you'll be getting super simple questions while doing the very first skill. You should better take the placement test to skip some of that.


Nah, I respectfully disagree. There's no reason to take the placement test. I never let my first-year students take the placement test.


my first-year students

Those are the keywords in your statement! If that's the case, I agree - for a total beginner it may be beneficial to go through each lesson. But for those who already have some knowledge of the language, it's nothing but a drag, that needs to be skipped.


There are no "lessons" in Duolingo, only grammar "tips and notes"

  • Third party website Duome will show the available grammar "Tips and notes" in Duolingo's web version:

  • Some of the newer courses also contain grammar "Tips and notes" in the iOS and Android app.

Background information about Duolingo's current teaching method in:


Were you able to finish the skill?

One time, I did get the same question twenty times. (I laughed and laughed. It was some sort of glitch, because I answered it correctly every time.) But after twenty questions, I got the "Congratulations" screen, and it counted.


I've never had this problem before... Maybe you should consider just doing the placement test for Advanced. This test, after you take it, will automatically put you where it thinks you should be (hence placement) based on what you get right or wrong. Which language are you trying to learn?


If you are a teacher leading a classroom, that might have something to do with the fact that you can't get through the Intro... I do not know.


Good thought, but no. Just before our school building pushed us out the door, I helped two of my colleagues who had never used Duo set up accounts, and they didn't have this problem. Weird glitch?

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