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Streak Freeze Question

Hey everyone!

I was wondering a little bit about the streak freeze, as I have seen some others questioning it as well...


Once you buy the streak freeze, when does it take effect? Does the streak freeze expire after 24 hours, even if you have studied? Say I buy it now, continuously study for a week and then miss a day... does the streak freeze that I purchased the prior week still stay in effect?

Thanks a bunch everyone :D

July 18, 2014



Yes it stays until you need to use it.


Yes, that's how it works. You buy it now and the first day you miss it is will freeze your streak.


It is in constant effect until your practice. The streak freeze doesn't expire; you could buy one today and then not use it until three months later if that's the first time you missed a day of study.


Worth noting that you can only miss ONE day. If you don't come back on day 2, you lose your streak. I just lost a 270 day streak :( But I'm back on the way up again!

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