"هَل هُوَّ دُكْتور؟"

Translation:Is he a doctor?

April 5, 2020

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It gets easier when you get the gist of it, doesn't it? ☺


Why both hal and huwa are used in this question? Both mean the same.


No, not at all. hal هل is a pronoun used in yes/no questions. It has the same meaning as putting is/are at the beginning of the question in English but it is not the same (is & are are verb to be, هل is a pronoun like "what, where ..." in English).

هو is a pronoun that means "he" only. It doesn't mean "He is"

In the Arabic nominative sentences - which have no verb - mostly the verb "to be" is implied - hidden - within the meaning.

To form a yes/no question you take the indicative sentence and add هل to the beginning and a question mark to the end.


I'd like to say that هل means "is it that".


somehow, it is just an article to form yes/no questions, after it comes a totally normal sentence.


هُوَّ غلط لكن هُوَ صحيح

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