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Future Educator that cares about Student and Educator Networking

I am a future educator. I have a focus of wanting to help high school students network with previous students, educators, and potential professional coworkers. Is there a way for educators to network with one another within Duolingo? I see Duolingo as not only an educational tool, but also a tool to build the skills of students and educators. I don't want to make my students focus on solely a single language, but instead a language that interests them. This way they can build upon their language skills. Also, is there a way in which educators can connect with one another on their own community board within their school district? I would like more tools than just following another educator's profile and achievements. These are just ideas, but I would greatly appreciate some professional advice.

April 5, 2020



Join our Educator Network! https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32159789 We bounce ideas off of one another, we ask advice, we collaborate on projects... Of all the professional development groups that I belong to, this is the one that energizes me the most.

I was working on something over the summer that has really saved my bacon now (figuring out how to use Tinycards to a greater extent), and as I was typing away madly to daKanga and Mireille and others, it suddenly hit me: "I am collaborating with people all over the world." It was simultaneously a very humbling and a very empowering feeling.

Duolingo gives me a ton of support as an educator. There are a lot of resources that members have pooled together. I highly recommend joining the Educator's Network.


Is there a way for educators to network with one another within Duolingo?

I believe if you become an educator you have the power to talk to other educators in private. I think so. I don't know anything for certain.


A lingot for you for helping the duo community :)


You should join, too, JackDunne. We need your insight and wisdom.


Unfortunately I'm not old enough. :( So I'll just help you from here on the forum.

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