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Great review! My special thanks to Duolingo.

I took some french classes in high school and again in college. My grammar and vocabulary are decent, but my listening skill is terrible. The last few weeks I heard about Duolingo, so I searched, created an account, and started to practice. The French I learned and never had a chance to practice starts coming back even faster than I can imagine. The lessons are getting harder as I move to higher level.
Thank you for all the lessons I've successfully completed and those I will work on soon.

April 6, 2020



No, I have not seen the mentioned website. As I practice, I don't hover, instead I follow the order of lessons.


DL's recommendation also "follows the order of the lessons" - the difference is you spread each skill out over several weeks. This is a time honoured method that recent research has show to be more effective for long term learning.


I see and will give a try. Thank you!

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