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French or Korean movies, books, songs, etc?

hello, i'm learning french and Korean currently and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good movies to watch, books to read, or songs to listen to. I know just a bit of good music but definitely not enough.

April 6, 2020



If you like rap, here are a few french-speaking artists you might like: Niska, Aya Nakamura, Fababy, Columbine, Ninho, Stress, ... For some kind of "pop" songs: Lynda, Maître Gims, ZAZ, Stromae, ... Old stuff: Édith Piaf I hope you can like some of those artists :)


I think listen to Aya Nakamura for learn the french is a little bad idea lol


Yeah, but in general the pronunciation of french in songs is different to the "normal" pronunciation.


I assume you've seen "Parasite"...?


I used to trip on how much korean content was in an episode of MASH... but I wouldn't waste time.. 24 minutes of Alan Alda is not worth 10 or 20 seconds of korean dialogue. There is a Korean TV show with subtitles on Netflicks called LIVE only one season but a good show and 18 episodes.. It's a cop show...plenty of spoken and written korean content... more than enough for a beginner.


there's a lot of k-dramas on netflix if you have access to that. Unfortunately I'm not much into french pop culture :(


I love BTS but I still need to get into the French vibe, Also they are stories on here next to the icon that says "learning" and it will say "stories"


The stories are not available in every language, but they are a good option if you want to practice certain languages. Basically, the stories are the same in every language they are available in, the only differences are the names and sometimes the places.


If you like rock music I definitely recommend you to listen Noir Desir and Indochine, if you like pop then you can listen ZAZ, Indila, Stromae, Françoise Hardy etc...


Arirang is a English-speaking TV channel that will give you an insight into Korean culture, national affairs and kpop. You can watch the TV programs online also. I am currently learning Korean also, and I find that watching Korean dramas on Netflix helps you learn key phrases very quickly.


If you're looking for French cinema, you can go watch Jean-luc Godard's films, François Truffaut's, and if you like absurd films, you can check out Quentin Dupieux's and Leos Carax's films, very original, even a little weird but really beautiful and interesting films.


If you like documentations: ARTE (French-German tv channel) is a very cool option, because they have a lot of different themes and stuff.


for French songs u should defo listen to Matire Gimms his pronunciation of French is amazing. Also they're very good just to listen to. Hope you like.


The only problem about Maître Gims is that there are a few songs with switches between french and spanish (e.g. Hola Señorita).


I posted a link to Time Out's list of the 100 greatest French films a while ago in this thread:


I'm really surprised they didn't include "Au revoir, les enfants" (1987, Louis Malle).


Bonjour! I have very much enjoyed "Call My Agent" (though it's dialogue heavy and they speak quickly) and "A Very Secret Service" on Netflix. As for Korean films--if you enjoy Zombie films--"The Train to Busan" is very well made and very intense. There isn't a tremendous amount of dialogue but that might be beneficial if you're just starting out. Enjoy!

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