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  5. "He is really shy."

"He is really shy."

Translation:Il est vraiment timide.

April 6, 2020



Why does timide have an e on the end


Bonjour Maisie,

In French, the adjective "timide" (shy) is always written the same way (with an "e") in the masculine singular (il est timide = he is shy) or in the feminine singular (elle est timide = she is shy). We add an "s" in the plural (nous sommes timides = we are shy).


When do you use c'est or il est/elles est


Bonjour rosalind,

The full explanation is quite long to give. Instead, look at this link which explains very well how to use "c'est" or "il/elle est".

C'est vs Il est https://www.thoughtco.com/french-expressions-cest-vs-il-est-4083779


I went through the link.. It's good... Thanks... But still I couldn't understand why in this case it's 'Il est'.... It's okay... I think I will learn more from usage rather than from rules that always have many exceptions.

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