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  5. "Eadar mo ghàirdeanan."

"Eadar mo ghàirdeanan."

Translation:Between my arms.

April 6, 2020



Why is 'arms' plural when there are only two?


Good question. It's because "my two arms" aren't specified here, just "my arms". Although most folk have only two arms (as opposed to three or more), if you want to say "my arms", you use the standard plural form:

  • aon gàirdean > one arm
  • dà ghàirdean > two arms
  • trì gàirdeanan > three arms
  • gàirdeanan > arms (any unspecified amount of two or more)

  • mo ghàirdean > my arm
  • mo ghàirdeanan > my arms


This an odd phrase. Would 'between my arms' be used in Gaelic where English would have 'in my arms', as in 'I held the baby in my arms'?


When de we add the "h" as the second letter in many of these new words?


Tha mi a' tiomachadh ! :-)

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