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"Fort William are playing football right now."

Translation:Tha an Gearasdan a' cluiche ball-coise an-dràsta fhèin.

April 6, 2020



Here the English plural is used quite correctly.


marks mistake for not having "a'" whent he tile only sayd "a" (no apostrophe)


An-dràsta means "right now". Fhèin seems to serve no function at all in this sentence, yet you marked it wrong. Why?


What is the difference between "an-dràsta" (just now) and "an-dràsta fhèin" (right now)? In English I would think the two expressions are more or less interchangeable. Do they have different connotations in Gaelic?


Can someone there fix this? It's not letting me go further - so I can't finish the lesson. Thanks.


No. Nobody can fix it, 'cause it ain't broke. Scottish English is just different from American English, and that's the way they say it. If it helps, think of it as (The) Fort William (soccer team members) are playing football right now.


No I don't mean the English translation. As Tracy said above, the answer gets rejected even with the correct Gaelic. I can't continue the lesson, the bug won't let me get past this sentence.


You should be able to skip that question by clicking the "skip" button, and just continuing with the lesson. Have you tried that?


It lets you skip the question, but it brings it back at the end of the lesson, and you can't move on from there. You have to shut down, get back in the website, restart the lesson and hope it doesn't bring up the same rotation of questions. Pretty time consuming.


Duolingo isn't perfect, and occasionally you run into a bug like that. When that happens, all you can do is hit the "report" button to get Duolingo to fix it.


Believe it was reported 5 months ago. I reported it again yesterday. This lesson (level 2 of Sports) also has two other bugs. These should be brought to Duolingo's attention as many times as it takes to get them fixed, even if it's a bother to the moderator.


Tha mi an dòchas nach bi thu a' holding your breath.

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