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"Est-ce que tes beaux-parents sont sympas ?"

Translation:Are your parents-in-law nice?

April 6, 2020



In my corner of the U.S. "In laws" defaults to "parents-in-law" (unless otherwise specified.) If you were referring their children as well, then you'd typically say something like, "All my in-laws are coming for Christmas." Q. Are there any such corresponding concepts in French, or does it always have to be quite specific? Merci beaucoup (in advance)


Hi Kevin, I'm French and I confirm that "parents-in-law" is the only term in French for "beaux parents"; on the other hand, we use "belle-famille" for "all my in-laws".


Question: if my parents-in-law were, theoretically, two women, would it be grammatically possible to write "belles-parents?" Or would it still be "beaux-parents?"


NICE! It's a horrible word, especially compared with sympa - I tried pleasant but this was rejected.


I reluctantly put nice- pleasant would be better .My old English teacher would not be pleased


Nice is a horrible word. Pleasant is preferable

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