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"Jullie hebben geen boeken nodig?"

Translation:You do not need books?

July 18, 2014



For those of you who know some French, I think that "nodig hebben" is pretty much the same concept as "avoir besoin de..." if that helps anyone.


best comparison imo - thanks


"Do you not need books?" Could that be an additional acceptable translation? Or, 'Don't you need books?'


That would be "Hebben jullie geen boeken nodig?"


Does this question also imply: "Do you not need books anymore?" Because in german we have this as "etwas nicht nötig haben", but for need we also have "brauchen"

brauchen means to need in general. nicht nötig haben means to not need something because you're too good (academically "I dont need to redo basics 1", or teenage rage defiant "I dont need any of this stupid mess!")

I would like to know if theres such a difference in dutch as well, or if nodig hebben can imply all of the above


From what I've read, it seems "nodig hebben" is the equivalent to the English "need" and German "brauchen". That is, "nodig hebben" is a general need. There are other ways to say "to need" in Dutch, "vereisen" and "benodigen", but I'm not fully sure of these uses as compared to "nodig hebben".


Thank you very much =)


This reminds me of Swedish. If you have drunk too much and now you really need to go to a bathroom, you can say that you are "kissnödig" in Swedish. So you are in need (nödig) of urinating (att kissa). I think it's similar with "boeken nodig" - in need of books. BTW Never mistake "att kissa" with "att kyssa"! :)


Why is there no inversion between subject and verb? Shouldn't it be "Hebben jullie geen boeken nodig"? Why is it different in this particular case?


Inversion is used for normal/regular questions, but if you want to indicate surprise, you can leave the word order the same, just like in English.


possible alternative translation: you have no need of books?


So basically to need something is "hebben ___ nodig"?


Could it be translated as "need to book" as in booking a flight?

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