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  5. "Tha Canada glè mhòr."

"Tha Canada glè mhòr."

Translation:Canada is very big.

April 6, 2020



I wrote "Canada is very big" but it was marked wrong yet it appears right to me


Canada is very big is exactly the default translation for this sentences (as shown in the discussion), so you must have written something incorrectly – perhaps you made some typo that Duolingo did not accept?


I typed it twice correctly as far as I could see and both rejected. But on the last one I copied what was given as the correct response and pasted it in when asked a third time. Still got response that answer was wrong.


If you are doing an audio exercise, you need to write in Gaelic and not English. I wrote a wee post explaining this further a few months ago: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35586548


That’s very strange. Let’s hope the contributors notice this soon then. :)


Well it seemed like a glitch to me, so here's hoping


Stupid mistake, I typed in Gaelic instead of English and was marked wrong but ahen Duo thinks I typed in English instead of Gaelic, it tells me,and I get a chace to try again. Lesson learned

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