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Lost my day streak because of slow wifi.

Yesterday, I practiced some French with the Duolingo app on a hotspot of an airport. I completed the lesson, but the next day it appeared that my progress wasn't updated to the Duolingo servers. Now, I lost my 48 day streak. Is there any way to restore this?

July 18, 2014



Something similar happened to me when I was on holidays in France and I lost a 196-day streak. I'm again on a 23-day streak.


I had a 250 day streak going and for some reason, Duolingo didn't count my Friday practice (same as DutchOli4), so now I'm on a 2 day streak. Makes me want to quit using this program. This happened once before at around 100 days. So I've been doing this almost a year and I have a 2-day streak.

Also, is there a way to see total sessions completed that I'm missing? I'm sure I've just overlooked.


happens to me all the time... I've been doing all languages daily for (at least ;-) ) 92 days and they all show different streaks. The best was yesterday: lost all streaks but one (Italian I think) on the ios app, but the PC still shows the correct daily count for the whole of last week :-p

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