"Tha sin glan."

Translation:That is clean.

April 6, 2020



Isn't glan also a word meaning 'excellent' or 'great'?


glan as an adjective (as here) generally means "clean". glan can also qualify another adjective, where it means something like "totally", "completely", etc. You can use glan as an interjection on its own to express approval - 'excellent!', 'great!', etc. In informal speech you could use it to mean 'great' etc. in the Duolingo sentence, but without context, spoken intonation, etc. the standard meaning of 'tha sin glan' when written would be 'that is clean'.


How would I know from the spoken word whether it's - tha sin glan Or - tha sinn glan? (Except for context, of course)


The "n" in sin (/ʃin/) sounds more or less like an English n . The "nn" in sinn (/ʃiNʲ/) sounds like it has a tiny "y" after it (although in Gaelic this is pronounced as a single sound) - a bit like the "n" in "onion" or "new"

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