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Inconsistent Classroom Assignments

I've assigned "Skills" to students in different classes, and have gotten lots of feedback regarding the inconsistency of the assignments... for example, I assigned the "greetings" skill to my French students, who were able to complete the "skill" in about 5 minutes, despite it being advertised as a 40 minute lesson.

I've also assigned skills to my upper-level students, some of whom completed one lesson in the skill set and saw the assignment as completed, while others have told me "if I do all the parts of the assigned skill, it would take me six hours".

Any insight? What am I missing here? I'm trying to assign about 40 minutes of work, consistently, to these kids.

April 6, 2020



Hi ,

You might receive more help in the Educators Forum

Most of the users in the General English/Troubleshooting Forum aren't familiar with how classrooms work.

You don't have to create a new thread this can be moved by: Edit -> Topic (drop down menu) -> Educators Forum.




You are right, that the times given are estimates. If you assigned Greetings to your French students -- even first-year French students -- they are probably pretty good at greetings by this point in the year, right? :) So that skill will be a cakewalk to them and they will breeze through it.

I have students who take their time typing, I have students who speed run.

My colleague is experimenting with assigning XP only, and making each assignment last one day in duration. (The default is one week if you don't change it.) That seems like too much work for me when I am also trying to record myself teaching, and make Tinycards, and decide what they will be reading, and do all the other stuff I gotta do. But I am watching my colleague to see what he thinks of it.

For now, I am just happy that my students do Duo for one time a day. I have instilled in them that consistency is the key, and slow and steady wins the race.

I don't have an answer for you; I feel like as long as we get the students to engage with the material at this crazy time, we have been successful. Just do the best you can, take a deep breath, and keep encouraging your students that this is important: We live in a connected world, and being able to communicate will be a crucial life skill.

Keep posting questions as you have them!

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