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What is the best way to keep basic but complicated French in your mind?

So at the moment I'm taking GCSE French and I feel as though I am doing well in the lessons but I feel like when we do lesson on grammar and tenses I completely shut down. What is the best way to remember these things so I can excel in my grades?

April 6, 2020



Practice, practice, practice. Little and often. It'll become second nature.

I used to hate French tenses and verb-endings when I was learning at school... Now, they're nowhere near as bad. Something about the way DL sneaks 'em in while you aren't looking, I think.


So, regular high school French?

You could do an English grammar refresher. If you don't understand the terminology of "past participle" or "auxiliary verb", or when to use it, you'll never understand why you're learning these things in French.

After a lecture, talk to the teacher if you don't understand. My Dad always taught me to do a lesson before it was taught in class, so that I could easily think of questions to ask. However, we never received detailed a detailed class syllabus until the university level, so the best I could do was read the next topic in the text book.

If you don't understand a particular concept, Google those terms. More than likely, you'll find articles talking about just that topic, or YouTube videos, or even practice worksheets.

Finally, talk to classmates. Study together (but 2 metres apart).


Homework. Practice. Pick a topic then write it out in different tenses and persons. Eg write about something in first person present tense, then re-write it in third person past, etc.

[deactivated user]

    I would say repeat each sentence/phrase you wanna memorize 3 times. It seems boring, but it works.


    these are all fantastic ideas thank you!!!

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