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When students do any of the stories, do we get notified?

Hi, I'm just wondering if it shows up in the weekly report, or if we check in the classroom activity tab when students complete any stories? I'm thinking about using this as a teaching tool for on-line learning, and would like to be notified. TIA.

April 6, 2020



The XP earned shows up in the weekly report and the activity details, but it just says 'practice', not 'story' (let alone the name of the story). You can usually tell it's a story by the amount of XP that's earned (most will earn you around 22 or 24 XP, some over 30).


Thank you so much. I wish it would say "story" at least...


Oops, sorry... New to this forum. Thanks for your patience!


...New to this forum.

No worries! You did no harm. One thing if your students have access to the forum please ask them to read the guidelines.


Welcome to the forum, and keep asking questions! We are all in this together.


I have my students send me a screen shot with the icon golden.


Thank you, good idea!

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