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"That's really brave of you, Antoine."

Translation:C'est vraiment courageux de ta part, Antoine.

April 6, 2020



I'm assuming "de toi" is not an appropriate way to say it?


You are assuming right.


Why is de toi wrong then jojo


Why is it not 'ton part' as Antoine is masculine?


Because part as a noun doesn't change based on the gender of the person. Like how we always say sa mère and not son mère even when we're talking about the mother of a male person; mère will always be feminine, and same with part. Hope that makes sense : )


c'est si courageux de votre part Antoine. Isn't si very close or a good alternative for vraiment or tellement?


si courageux / tellement courageux = so brave très courageux = very brave vraiment courageux = really brave

"Si" and "tellement" appear to be synonyms, but the rest are alternatives. You're right that they're close alternatives, but the point here I think is not to use close approximates but rather the actual word itself.

I guess the confusion is due in part because in English we don't properly distinguish between very, really, and so. Can't assume the French do as well.


Is Antoine always masculine? In this day and age????

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