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Assigning points

I am offering Bonus/Enrichment points to my students for completing tasks on Duolingo. Having a hard time figuring out how many points to award to students in my gradebook for each activity. I understand that this is subjective, but has anyone else come up with a good/fair system?

April 6, 2020



Great question!

What is your default grade for homework or a class activity?

For example, I set my default grade to 5 points. 5 points for each homework, 5 points for a game we played in class, 5 points for a quiz, etc. So their weekly Duolingo goes in for 5 points also.

I don't check to see if someone did 5 million XP points and completed 20 skills, and someone else did 50 XP points and didn't quite finish one skill, I just give them the same 5 points. My philosophy is that I want them in the habit of plugging away at language; intrinsic motivation comes with that, and I don't need to reward intrinsic motivation because the student is already rewarding himself.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the suggestion! This sounds like a great idea!

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