"Anna is sorry"

Translation:Tha Anna duilich

April 6, 2020



I have flagged this sentence because it has no learning value whatsoever, when seen as 'choose the correct sentence out of three'. The only difference between the three sentences, was the different names. so all you could do was choose the one with the same name, which was the same in both languages. Anyone could answer this with no comprehension of Gaelic whatsoever.


Was there audio with it? Or a translation? If there wasn't, then that's not something we can fix. Certain exercises are written by us, but others are randomly generated. Do you remember what the other names were?


I don't remember the exact names but it was a translation exercise from the English, so with no audio. You had to choose one of three options, something like:

Anna is sorry.
+ Tha Anna duilich.
+ Tha Ealasaid duilich.
+ Tha Iain duilich.


Duolingo did a study showing that making ANY choice between sentences, even an obvious one like this, leads to effective learning of the vocabulary. This is because a great deal of language learning is deductive. When you pick "Tha Anna duilich" as meaning Anna is sorry, you've learned that "tha X duilich" means X is sorry.

Give toddlers a choice between a fork and an unfamiliar item, and tell them to pick up the grod. They pick up the unfamiliar thing -- and later, if you tell them you want the grod, they'll pick that item out of a line-up.


If it was asking for a translation of an English sentence, then that's fine. It may seem easy, but this is only the fourth skill in the tree.


If you say so. But I could answer this question even if it were in Russian, since there is one name in the question (I know it's a name because of the capital) that occurs in precisely one of the answers.


You could say the same of sentences using words such as 'cat'. It's automatically generated, so there isn't anything we can do about it, I'm afraid.


For me it came up as Tha Anna duilich Tha Calum duilich Tha Mòrag duilich

I didn't flag it, but I came in here to see if anyone has said anything. It's basically a freebie - the only word that differs between the three choices is the name that doesn't change when translated.

The previous one for me was almost as bad too. I forget what the options were but even though they were all three different only one had the correct name so it was still a no-brainer


Correction. Not absolutely sure which direction the translation was in, and I did have audio turned off. Is it possible the question had been modified from 'Write down what you hear' because of that?

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