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My students can't see assignments

They can't see them on the website, and haven't received emails with their assignments (their emails are the ones they have on their profiles).

I've created two assignments.

They are using laptops with browser-based email.

Is there a delay on assignments showing up?

April 6, 2020



Hmmm... That is odd that they have not received e-mails. (Maybe ask if they blocked notifications, or if the e-mails are being filtered by your district to the Spam folder?)

Check your classroom and see if the assignment says "Pending," or if some of the students have completed it already, or whatever data you can see under Assignments, and then post back here. I will help you get some more eyes on this.


Thanks for these tips! I hope they are useful for others.

For me, the problem was delay on Duolingo; the emails with assignments did come in, but several hours later. This is a problem as there is an option to assign work immediately (in fact I think it's the default but unsure).

Thanks again for the reply and tips!


Thank goodness! I'm glad that it was an easy resolution. Keep posting questions as you have them.

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