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Glory hallelujah!

Am I completely losing my mind, or have the practice questions actually become reasonably challenging all of a sudden? I just did three lessons and didn't have to click on a blindlingly obvious picture or "type 'ball' in Scottish Gaelic" even once.

April 6, 2020



I think you're right - so good that they seem to have improved this! :-)


It's still not quite as I'd like to see it. Too many "type what you hear" in comparison to translating each way, and the questions seem very samey within each lesson. But it's a massive improvement.


Practice questions are based on the skills you can find all over the tree.


I submitted it as a bug report two days ago. Everyone knew it was a problem. Maybe Duolingo finally listened? Haven't noticed a definitive change yet myself.


I just did six practice lessons. I swear the first four were definitely more taxing than they have been in the past. The next two I'm not so sure but yes, I think there was a lot less picture-clicking and typing easy words.

I have also brought the tree to four crowns on all the skills on my second account, but I haven't tried any of the top-level lessons on that one yet. (I was in a hurry to get done so I went for some cheap XP in German stories. I won't be getting much XP from the 4-crown tree because I intend to crash out of the lessons to keep them open, at least until I can do them with my eyes shut.)


Maybe something has happened, because I haven't seen the picture of the bridge for days now. I have sometimes seen it several times in a day.


Me too. I was getting pretty tired of that bridge. Also, I swear I had to "type 'night' in Scottish Gaelic" twice in a single lesson sometimes in the past. I've known that word for many years, I don't need to have it specially reinforced. And yet there are many words that crop up only seldom with no reinforcement.

Hopefully it is getting better.

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