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  5. "Sugar is brilliant."

"Sugar is brilliant."

Translation:Tha siùcar sgoinneil.

April 7, 2020



I dont understand when I need to put tha before a sentence or a word.


tha is the present tense of one of the Gaelic verbs "to be" - so, depending on context, am, are, is. This particular version of "to be" is used for describing things, i.e. is used to say "x is y", where x is a noun and y is an adjective, e.g. my cat is big. There is a different verb "to be" that is used to link two nouns, i.e. to identify something, e.g. my cat is a pet. This identifying form of "to be" is introduced later in the course.

Verbs always come first in a Gaelic sentence, followed by the subject. So if your English sentence has "x is y" where x is a noun/name/pronoun and y is an adjective, you will have "tha x y" in Gaelic - tha cat mòr = a cat is big. If your English phrase doesn't have 'am/are/is' in it - e.g. just "a y x" where x is a noun and y is an adjective - you don't need tha in Gaelic - cat mòr = a big cat


In addition to that, there are also Tips and Notes for each lesson. Have you had the chance to read them?


Wound be better translated as 'smashing'

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