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"I will rent a small house in the countryside."

Translation:Je louerai une petite maison à la campagne.

April 7, 2020



Why is it "à la compagne" is it okay to say "dans la compagne"?


Duo please, its soooo annoying and frustrating! I can't get beyond this exercise unit! When l am almost at the end of it without any mistakes, then there comes a fill in conversation to be answered, but the possible answers are not displayed and l have to quit because the continue button can't be pressed and l cant just go to the next question?! Can you please fix that up!!!!


You won't get an official answer here. Try the Troubleshooting forum.

If you haven't figured it out, I would select "Use the Keyboard" and just type in the answer.


I have typed the correct answer twice and still it is marked wrong. Most frustrating. Someone suggested copying and pasting it on the forum so it can be seen as written. How do I copy it on Duo. I have no problem copying and pasting elsewhere.


My traslatiin: Je louerai une petite maison a la campagne.

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