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"In my opinion, we must quickly do something."

Translation:À mon avis, il faut vite faire quelque chose.

April 7, 2020



Why does it have to be il faut and not nous devons?


It accepted nous devons


Their meanings vary slightly. “Falloir” is used to express necessity while “devoir” means something is an obligation or duty. In that case, the verb “falloir” is more accurate to use in the sentence. The sentence indicates something that needs to be done not whether a person must do it or not.

Check it here: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/devoir-vs-falloir/


À mon avis, on doit rapidement faire quelque chose. Accepted :)


DL accepted "À mon avis, nous devons faire quelque chose rapidement". I think "À mon avis, il faut que nous fassions quelque chose rapidement" will also be accepted, but I haven't had the chance to try.


I used the first one (Oct '20) and it didn't accept it! Wish they'd make up their minds!


Why is : À mon avis , nous devons rapidement faire quelque chose" considered incorrect?


I think it's because of Duo wanting the emphasis on "must" = il faut rather than "have to/need to" which is more the meaning of "devoir" in this context, but I'm not an authority on this. See: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/devoir If you back-translate your version Reverso gives: "We need to do something fast." and Collins gives "We need to do something quickly."


Merci beaucoup for your response Martyn, much appreciated :]

It turned out that Duo penalised me for a typo, I missed the space between quelque and chose, sigh!

Bonne journée


Haha.. OK, well done for sorting it out!


.. do something quickly!

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