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A philosophical one: What happens after we've learned all?

Hey, I started learning French at Duolingo and I have to say I am not that much into the translation thing. I know it'a an easy way to gain skill points but it just doesn't give me the satisfaction I get from pure learning a new language. So, if I pass all lessons here, is anything else coming? Or is it just a Game over?

August 7, 2012



I would assume that completely depends on what you want to do. You could start communicating with wider array of people that's for sure but I assume that once you've finished the lessons here and you don't want to do the translations then it's up to you.


Yeah, but I mean.. is Duolingo considering expansion, e.g. going social or just scaling the project up a bit? I know they will add some languages in the future, but my point is, after people learn one language completely, what will hold them at Duolingo?


its a good platform whch lets you translate and see if you are correct and what other people think is correct.. translation is part of the main idea of how to learn the language. the words they teach here are quite insufficient if you want to become fluent ..


I see your point. But as I said before, translation just does not give me the satisfaction I get from learning. After I learn all the stuff in here, I will probably move on to books or some French series with subtitles. I just think it would be cool if duolingo provided more, the ungrateful me that I am :) People will otherwise wander off...


You know Isiik, I don't know the plans they do have at duolingo. It looks like you want to stay because you are asking them to do more, to keep people like you. May be if there is enough demand, they might try to keep interested people like you. But in my case it will be more difficult. I am still wandering around because I noticed quite some nice girls in this site. That is the reason why I am here.


So I gather you would appreciate if the site went a bit more social, right? Well, they could give us a poll about what we would like to have here next, except new languages, we're all in for that. :) I hope some higher power at Duolingo reads this.

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