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In French Past Tense 1 doesn't work in classroom.

I assigned Past Tense 1 to students, but they couldn't see it. Which makes sense, because it isn't in my skill tree either. What gives? How can I get access to this level?

April 7, 2020



Ah, maybe if you haven't unlocked it, then your kids can't see it?

At the very bottom of the screen is a castle with a number on it. Click on it and do the 20-question test. Then everything above the castle will be unlocked for you. You will probably have new skills magically appear below the castle, and you can scroll down to another castle if you want.

In the meantime while you are testing this to see if it works, I will report your problem for you.


Another thought: I am thinking that "Past tense" doesn't appear as a title anymore. Things are now grouped by topic rather than by skill, as of last year. Maybe you have a glitch where an old title is appearing? I'll file a bug report and Duo can look into it for you.


I'm also seeing 'Paste Tense 1', 'Past Tense 2', 'Past Tense 3' and 'Past Tense 4' in the French curriculum. None of these skills appear in the French tree. Another skill included in the curriculum but not in the tree is 'Future Tense'.

The curriculum lists 166 skills, including the bonus skills, the Christmas skill, and these five extra (old?) skills. The current French tree only has 160 skills (including the two bonus skills), so these are not supposed to be there. They also look different (no coloured circles):


I'd really love it if they would bring this back, even temporarily. Now that everyone is doing school at home, it would be super great for teachers to be able to assign levels that match skills their students need.


It's true that there are pros and cons in going to the new CEFR-aligned curriculum (Kind of the European equivalent of ACTFL.) I use Tinycards as my bridge between the need to drill skills and the topical sentences of Duolingo.

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