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list of student ID

Where can I find the list of all my students' ID and passwords? I know this was in a list format that I have printed off previously as I'd cut apart the page to give to each student.

April 7, 2020



An overview of your students can be found in the 'students' tab of your classroom. Unfortunately, the pdf that includes their passwords cannot be downloaded a second time. If a student forgot their password, you can reset it from the teacher's dashboard: click on the student, then 'manage student', and then 'reset password'.


Thank you. I really thought I was losing it, but apparently I just lost the file. I wonder why we cannot access that summary page again? That would be super-handy. When in a normal classroom situation, I print it and cut it apart so they glue the log-in info right into their notebook. This sounds like a lot of cutting and pasting for me now! Bonne journée!


:) Make your students write their own passwords down. It will help their memory to hand-write it.


I would love to know this as well. I never even realized this was an option. Thank you.

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