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"Je pense que Marc n'a pas assez confiance en lui."

Translation:I think Marc isn't confident enough in himself.

April 7, 2020



Could "lui" in this sentence refer to a third person -- someone other than Marc? If so, could one substitute another pronoun for "lui" or add one or more words to modify "lui" in order to avoid the ambiguity?


Sure, but you would need a robust context. If the context is not crystal clear, you will say "en lui-même" to clarify that it is "himself".


And I just wrote 'I think that Mark doesn't have enough confidence in him'. In the absence of 'en lui-même' I thought Mark was making a judgement of someone else. I seem to be having a bad day with Duo today...


Why is it just "assez" and not "assez de" in this sentence?


why is "en lui", himself and not him


"En" is just the preposition. "lui" means both "himself" and "him," but the proper English phrase would use "himself," as the subject and object are the same person.


How do we know that?

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