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Have I got this right? Kien vs Nicht

When using "sein", one uses "kien" as a negative (as opposed to other verbs), not "nicht"....is that right? Example - Ich bin kein Mann rather than Ich bin nicht ein Mann.

That's different from English and the rules of "not" versus "no". Just need a clear understanding.

August 7, 2012



Exactly. You cannot negate an "ein" word with "nicht."


Like Collinbb2 said, it's nothing to do with using a "sein" verb. It depends on what article is being used-- if the sentence would work with the positive "ein", it gets the negative "kein". Er hat ein Sandwich, Er hat kein Sandwich, Er hat keine Sandwiche.


Thank you both very much. There are some amazing people here answering questions.

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