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Duolingo stories

Would ya'll recommend Duolingo stories as a good place to learn more French?

April 7, 2020



yes! i use them for french and spanish!


Je vous remercie!


2002-04-07 The Stories introduce certain expressions and vocabulary that are not found in the course, so yes. I notice you're fairly new to the DL French course, so you may find that venturing past Set 2 or 3 is a little more difficult. Don't worry, you can always come back and do them again.

If you already had a good basis in French, you shouldn't have much trouble with any of the Stories. Most of them are even pretty enjoyable.

Timor mortis conturbat me.


Thank you! But I just have to say that last part I didn't understand so I put it through google translate and it said "The fear of death disturbs me" XD Anyways thank you again!


Yes - but probably do a few more lessons first. Give it a try - if it is too hard work another week or so and try again.


Yep! They're fun and easy to listen too!

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