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Recommended French Songs, Music, Shows/Movies ?

April 7, 2020



au revior les enfants is the only french movie i have seen. It is not exactly a hollywood movie but it is a fine movie.


I recently discovered Pomme’s music and besides her beautiful voice I find her lyrics pretty easy to understand. Other artists I enjoy are Indila, Zaz, and Louane. Of course, there is Stromae and Edith Piaf as well if you don’t already listen to their music.


I've been watching the show Osmosis on netflix which is a cool sci-fi french show. Also its hard to find but I really like Les Grandes Grandes Vacances which is a cute animated show with a dark side about kids living through WWII in France.


Thanks! I'll try to watch it someday.


La Ballade de Gens Heuruex!! Super good song! Also Zaz is a good artist :)


Ok, I'll try to listen to the music


i watch lady bug and cat noir in french


Yeah, I do that too lol.


[email protected] is a series (it's on YouTube) that's made specifically for language learners. The concept is basically just Friends but everything is in A level French and the actors don't speak too fast so it's much easier to follow than things are a designed for native speakers.

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Amelie, Delicatessen, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Micmacs are all good films. Good luck


For the songs, I like "Rentrez chez vous" Bigflo et Oli "Les murs de poussière" Francis Cabrel "La balade Nord Irlandaise" Renaud "Les lac du Connemara" Michel Sardou "Mon précieux" Soprano Putting the lyrics can be helpful. For the movie, "Les intouchables" is really good. And if you like older movies (1971), you have a funny one, "La folie des grandeurs"


For a French TV show, watch "Dix Pour Cent" ("Call My Agent!" in English) on Netflix.


At level 8 - Peppa Pig.

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