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Unlocking stories - Using during COVID 19 remote teaching

We love the Duolingo stories and we are attempting to use them as we are teaching from home. Some of our students are finding the stories are locked. The only information I can find tells me that the students must pass their first checkpoint in order to unlock the stories. How do my students know what checkpoint they must pass? I need to be able to clearly explain this to them.

April 7, 2020

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I am so glad you asked this! Check out this post for lots of great resources to support the teaching of Duolingo Stories. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198 The members of Tinydynamicduo are working hard to provide more support for the teaching of Stories. This is a work in progress, so as you think of needs or ideas or support, please add them in the comments!

With the resources found on this page, you can:

-Send your students the sound files

-Send your students the scripts

-Send your students the questions

-Send your students the scripts with the questions embedded.

This last week, I assigned a story that my students had not unlocked yet, by giving them the sound file and the script. I told them that after they had listened to the story and read along a couple of times, they were to print the script, cut it into strips, scramble the strips, and then re-assemble the story in order. Then they could listen again and re-check.

I'm trying to come up with more games that the students can play to keep them engaged. Please post here as people think of some!

Edit: Post comments and ideas on the page in the link, so that we have them all in the same place.

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