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Hello everybody...

April 7, 2020

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Hi my name is tama and i am from oman

hi how are you tama

hello bro nice to meet you

iam mohamed im from saudia arabia

Hii guys hope you all doing great

Yes we are great

i am fine and you?

slow down im doing good

why are you going to learn english

wow great keep on please never give in and give up

iam sorry for my late i was having dinner

yo what up

i hope that you are doing fine

Hi good evening

how.s your life going

good evening and i am good thank for asking and you??

iam really doing good alhamdulilah

thanks so much

im really sorry for my late

really that is so kind of you

you desrve a lot of thanks

ohhh You are very kind and respectful

no because you doesn't talk you write


i think so that is not a diffirent between them

Excuse me where are you from

i aam from plastine

masha allah its a nice to meet you

nice to meat you too

iam mohameed from somalia but i was born in KSA and i have never been to my real country

ok are you still online

i have a one friend from plastine we are living at same area

Excuse me have you ever been to KSA

are you still online

ok just tell me would you like to ask me anything

really iam so happy for all of you

i will be ready for that

are you still online

ok that is will be good

how is the weather like in oman

and you From where

really that is a good question

Yes.... From where

are you student or worker

i am from somalia but i was born in KSA

i have never been to my real country

thanks for your asking

Welcome my brother ...

Great i hope for you good night

ok same to you

take care of yourself

what can i do for you

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